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Luxury Homes in Colorado Springs are Giving Other Cities a Run for Their Money

I can remember a time when “luxury homes” and “Colorado Springs” were seldom uttered together.

When people in Colorado Springs thought of luxury real estate, their minds traveled about 70 miles north to Denver. Everybody knew that’s where you could find your mansions and sprawling Colorado estates.

But Colorado Springs? We were considered more middle class.

Wow, has that changed!

We haven’t lost our charming bungalows or our family-friendly ranchers and split-levels. But in recent years, we’ve gained a lot of new real estate, and much of it is pure Colorado Springs luxury.

I guess it was inevitable. We’ve got something special here, and we were bound to be discovered eventually. Colorado Springs is a simply beautiful place to live, and we’ve got so much to offer, from award-winning dining and fantastic shopping, to scenic wonders like The Garden of the Gods; from museums and a rich arts scene, to enough parks and trails to wear through multiple pairs of hiking boots. And did I mention the breathtaking Rockies just outside our front doors, watching majestically over us?

If you want to live in a stunning luxury home, you want it situated in a stunning place. Enter Colorado Springs.

Today, Colorado Springs is rich in luxury real estate, and your choices aren’t limited to a single neighborhood. If you want to find luxury homes for sale in Colorado Springs, you’ll have your pick of areas, each with their own distinct personality.

Luxury homes in Colorado Springs can be found in abundance in areas like Cathedral Pines, Flying Horse North, and Broadmoor.

Cathedral Pines

People look for homes for sale in Cathedral Pines when they like the idea of living in a luxury home community sprawling across 810 acres among fresh evergreens, where there’s an excellent chance of scoring a home with a dream view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range of the Rockies. Cathedral Pines is located in the northern reaches of Colorado Springs.

Flying Horse North

Flying Horse North is a neighbor to Cathedral Pines in the northernmost part of Colorado Springs. This is what I might call a “lifestyle neighborhood” (is that a thing?) because it’s built around an 18-hole championship golf course. The golf club also offers a lodge, a restaurant, an athletic club and spa. When you’re seeking homes for sale in Flying Horse North, you’re seeking the good life — not just from behind your own door, but just outside of it, too.


Broadmoor is tucked into the southwestern corner of Colorado Springs. The jewel at its center is the famous Broadmoor Resort. You wouldn’t know to look at it, but the Broadmoor started as a modest dairy farm. Then, in 1916, it was transformed into the large, sumptuous resort it is today.

When people look for luxury homes for sale in Broadmoor, they’re looking for homes with a classic beauty, many with architecture that hints at the unique character of days gone by. Outdoors enthusiasts who find their dream home in Colorado Springs will likely have landed in Broadmoor, where Cheyenne Mountain Park and other trails and open spaces are delightfully close by.

These aren’t the only areas where you’ll find luxury homes in Colorado Springs, but they’ll give you some places to start looking if you’re in the market for Colorado Springs luxury real estate.

It just makes sense. The best homes, in the very best place to live.


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