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If Colorado Springs’ Luxury Real Estate Neighborhoods Were Classic Hollywood Starlets

When I work with clients who want to purchase luxury real estate in Colorado Springs, I try to make an ideal match between buyer and property. Part of making that love connection is considering the character of the client, as well as the character of each Colorado Springs neighborhood where luxury homes can be found.

As an experienced realtor in the Colorado Springs area, I’ve come to recognize that every neighborhood has its own personality. All luxury real estate is not the same. The areas of Colorado Springs where high-end homes are clustered are as unique as any individual, and that uniqueness is made up, in part, by architecture, the history of the area, natural land features, and much more.

In a lighthearted moment I got to thinking about some of my favorite luxury neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, and dared to consider not where they were, but who they were.

What if these neighborhoods were classic Hollywood starlets? Who would they be?
Here’s my take on three neighborhoods: Cathedral Pines, Flying Horse North, and Broadmoor. Who do you see in your favorite neighborhoods for luxury real estate in Colorado Springs?

Cathedral Pines

Cathedral Pines is the Grace Kelly of Colorado Springs.

She’s unfailingly up-to-the-moment for her time — the “it” girl of the moment.

She knows and appreciates quality. She is quintessential elegance. She understands the impact of clean lines; the heart-stopping effect of less-is-more; knowing precisely how to select the right, simple accessory and let it shine.

And she knows how to get what she wants.

Cathedral Pines is an 810-acre luxury home community located in the woodsy, northernmost reaches of Colorado Springs, near the United States Air Force Academy. Many homes boast stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

Flying Horse North

Flying Horse North is the Katharine Hepburn of luxury real estate in Colorado Springs.

She’s traditional and understated – first-class all the way, tweeds and twills.
But she’s anything but boring. She relishes the outdoors, an uphill walk in the brisk autumn air, a competitive round of golf. And she isn’t afraid to kick up her horse from a canter to a run.

She works hard and plays hard, but in the end, nothing matters more to her than those she loves. Beloved company, unhurried conversations by the fire, and a dog at her feet are her bliss.

Flying Horse North is nestled among the trees in the northernmost reaches of Colorado Springs, neighboring Cathedral Pines. It is a long-established neighborhood with an 18-hole championship golf course, clubhouse restaurant, athletic club and spa, and lodge.


Broadmoor is the Louise Brooks of Colorado Springs.

Her distinctive style is recognizable to all, and we’re drawn to it like moths to a flame. There’s no one quite like her.

Her essence is timeless. She’s the personification of the daring glamor of an earlier time, and yet we never tire of her. She was born with a sort of beauty that anyone, from any time, would want to be close to.

She is the definitive starlet. When she walks into a room, everyone turns their head.

She likes to see and be seen. Her parties are legendary, but you’re likely to see her about town, too, perched on a bar stool with a cocktail in her hand or sashaying through a grand hotel lobby, seemingly unaware of the entourage on her heels.

But lest you think she’s all-party, make no mistake – she has a sense of duty that gets her to the movie set on time, every time.

Broadmoor is in the southwestern corner of Colorado Springs. It is home to the famous Broadmoor Resort, originally a modest dairy farm that was transformed into an expansive, glamorous holiday destination in 1916. The sumptuousness of the resort inspired the surrounding crop of equally impressive homes. Broadmoor enjoys convenient proximity to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, as well as other trails and open spaces.

Mine is but one opinion, so I wonder: when it comes to luxury real estate in Colorado Springs, where are your favorite neighborhoods, and who do you think they are?

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